Haters gonna hate.

Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity

Pablo was great to work with on a massive web-scraping project to preserve crucial data our organization needs to serve clients. We had a tight timeline but he was clear with communicating timeframes and easily met our deadlines. He even offered multiple options for delivering the data to make things as easy as possible for us.

~ Rachel Menth, PLSE

Catalyst Cooperative

I am so pleased with the work Pablo did. He designed and implemented a clean, robust web-scraping framework that has provided great value for our team. We used to have a clunky, exception-heavy system but Pablo built us an easy to use, standardized access to the files we need. It has been easy to adapt and maintain.

~ Christina Gosnell, President Catalyst Cooperative

Zeta Delta OÜ

In this project, we needed to collect very large amounts of data from many different sources. This meant that we needed not only an effective collection but also a maintainable set of scrapers for very different pages. The identification of underlying scraping strategies and finding the balance between don't-repeat-yourself and the flexibility to keep up with changing services, as we intended to be scaping for years to come. The project was part of the source material fo the Timbro Sharing Economy Index, the first that used listing and traffic data to estimate the relative size of the sharing economy sector around the world.

~ Alexander Funke, co-author TIMBRO Sharing Economy Index