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Haskell and Python

For several years, I was a Linux systems administrator. After I earned some programming skills, I spent some time doing back-end web development. When I was a sysadmin, most of the programming I did revolved around automating various aspects of deployment and writing custom command-line tools to interface between various …

Counting youth held in Philadelphia adult jails

"As of 2017-03-26, there are 36 youth in Philadelphia adult jails." yasp.pablovirgo.com

A friend of mine is working to keep kids and teenagers out of adult jails. The prison system shares a census periodically, but the data isn't meant to be easy to work with.

A recent webinar …

Minetest Cereal, coming unglued

Annoying that I couldn't make it work with Racket. I took another EDx course on computer programming: MITx 6.00.1x. So that's going to get added to my LinkedIN profile soonish.

Parsing the Minetest World format was trickier than I guessed. Nevertheless, I cracked the section I was previously …

Minetest Cereal, Python Restart

I've been writing my Minetest Cereal project using Racket. That worked great for:

  • Duplicating mathematical algorithms
  • Creating a command line interface
  • Connecting to an sqlite3 database
  • Reading individual bytes from a stream
  • Writing proper unit tests
  • Learning about functional programming

Unfortunately, the Minetest world format compresses some of its data …