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Minetest Cereal, coming unglued

Annoying that I couldn't make it work with Racket. I took another EDx course on computer programming: MITx 6.00.1x. So that's going to get added to my LinkedIN profile soonish.

Parsing the Minetest World format was trickier than I guessed. Nevertheless, I cracked the section I was previously …

Minetest Cereal, Python Restart

I've been writing my Minetest Cereal project using Racket. That worked great for:

  • Duplicating mathematical algorithms
  • Creating a command line interface
  • Connecting to an sqlite3 database
  • Reading individual bytes from a stream
  • Writing proper unit tests
  • Learning about functional programming

Unfortunately, the Minetest world format compresses some of its data …

Minetest Cereal, Week 5: So close, and yet ...

There was no specific update for week 4.

Working with a singlenode (all air) map, I treated the data blob as an input stream, pulling out data 8, 16, or 32 bits based on the documentation. Here's what I've been able to gather:

  • map-version: 25
  • flags: 1 (appears that per-bit …

Minetest Cereal, Week 3: Inverted World

Blocks aren't nodes

Invented World

The tools to convert back and forth between the Minetest world format and my Minetest Cereal format are past the first hurdle. They can convert to and from a database that uses x,y,z coordinates for block positions and back.

On a lark, I converted my …

Minetest Cereal, Week 02: Coordinates extracted

I bet that storing data in accessible, understandable formats results in better programs and more creativity than optimizing exclusively for the computer. I'm trying this idea out by writing a tool to convert the Minetest world map format into one that can be understood by a person with basic SQL …

Minetest Cereal, Week 01: Initial commit

The Mintest world format is problematic. Designed more or less by accident, you could not reasonably open it up with a SQL client and look up all the Lava blocks within 500 meters of sea level. I'm writing a tool to convert to, and from, a more accessible format.

My …

Minetest Cereal

What can I find out about the Minetest world database format?

The How to Code - Systematic Program Design course has shown me that if you design your data well, it's easy to write good clean code. "Good" meaning code that is well structured and easy to understand. Even better, well …