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Trashinator - Make less trash!

Every year, the City of Philadelphia disposes 1 ton of waste per resident. That is ... impressive. The city has also made it a goal to eliminate litter and landfill use by 2035.

What about us?

How much trash do we generate? What's normal? What's possible? I want to find out …

Trashinator - Graphql + Django Notes

GraphQL is turning out to be a nice alternative to REST, particulary when developing web-application functions that don't merit sharable links. There are plenty of tutorials, this is more a cheat-sheet for the Graphene library as it pertains to Django. If you're not a Django developer, you'll want to sit …

Trashinator - Pre-plan

Taking inspiration from Katie Patrick, I'm building an app to help people make less trash.

It's tempting to dive in and code, especially when you're planning a relatively small application. The catch is, that's how you end up with unfixable design flaws and spaghetti code. I went ahead with some …

Trashinator - Let's do it

If it's called the Trashinator, does it kill trash, or turn stuff into trash?

You wanna change the world? You better be looking at data. Katie Patrick has a class, a book, and some free entry level materials that turn that basic fact into a chance to make a difference …