Minetest Cereal, coming unglued

Annoying that I couldn't make it work with Racket. I took another EDx course on computer programming: MITx 6.00.1x. So that's going to get added to my LinkedIN profile soonish.

Parsing the Minetest World format was trickier than I guessed. Nevertheless, I cracked the section I was previously stuck on. Currently I can print out the names of all nodes within a given block. A demo:

$ python ~/projects/mtc-python/bin/mtc-read_block.py ~/.minetest/worlds/DemoLand/map.sqlite {0: 'default:meselamp', 1: 'air', 2: 'default:stone', 3: 'default:glass', 4: 'stairs:stair_cobble', 5: 'default:cobble', 6: 'default:torch', 7: 'default:stone_with_coal', 8: 'default:sign_wall_wood', 9: 'stairs:stair_stone', 10: 'default:gravel'}

Next major step will be to sort out the actual coordinates of each node and attach it's name and various metadata appropriately.